पारदर्शिता के माध्यम से

We seek perception beyond the inverted images falling on our retina, or on our sensor chips.

Human experience in many ways is a reflection of what we perceive, SeeThrough explores the possibilities of human experience & perception through interdisciplinary means; through media and technologies that alter our understanding of space and perception, and change the way we relate to each other.

We no longer think of media & spaces as static and immutable; instead we see them as dynamic, responsive and conversant.

Empathy Machine

Consider it a sublime extension of our existing faculties or an ineffable art form that shows us the verve of magnetism. Cinema to us is a rare conversation with our reality, a unique mechanism that allows us to glimpse the truth in an oblique manner. We are fascinated with the medium and its ability to fix time, and ourselves. It is a language we know that's meant to lie, but a lie to tell the truth.

The Spiti Project

Ongoing documentary film
based on Spiti Valley

Unlit | अप्रकाशित

Ongoing film essay on connections
between two cultures

Nothing of Consequence
to be Responsible for

A short documentary-fiction film

Sound, Sight & Sense

Music touches us all in ways we cannot even sometimes describe. Every sound we hear has a sight associated with it, whether intended or not. Sound of music, especially is the one that takes us to places we can only go back when we listen to it again. We are interested in exploring the relationship between sound and image, alongside the mysterious sense they collectively make on rare occasions. We are after those.

Hazy Light, Sunlight

Music video for the blinded


Symbiosis between Ants & a Tree


Still life conversations

Man, his Journey & Symbols

Man, his Journey & Symbols

News from desert thar

Production of Space

While we take this title from Henri Lefebvre's book as it is impossible to discuss notions of space without referring his study & enquiries, our interest in the discourse of space comes from our experience in architecture, filmmaking and design. We are inclined more towards the cross-fertilisation of these disciplines layered with binaries like physical-digital, real-virtual, perceived-conceived. We like building, designing and creating spaces to understand their effects and experiences on people & our environment.

Not in Spaces but in Stills

Not in Spaces but in Stills

Inquiry into time-sensitive quality of still images

Handbook on Space-Time

Handbook on Space-Time

An old new-media study